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Lord Ajneya dressed in butter
Lord Ajneya dressed in Sandal
The sacred town, Namagiri located near Salem of TamilNadu in South India,  now called as Namakkal  is a Corporative City. It's population comes around nearly half lakhs. The city has a hill named Shyla Malai at the centre which is also called as Namagiri or Namakkal. Near that the famous historical site named Kamalalayam is located. Namakkal has also a fine natural background with Sri Ajneya worshipping Sri Narasimha Perumal on the open plains.
The Greatness of Lord Ajneya:
The centre of attraction in Namakkal is Lord Ajneya who brought the Salakrama Hills from Nepal as instructed by his guru Narasimha Murthy and named for it as Namakkal. His Vishwaruba Dharshan with his hands worshipping in the open terrace without minding the natural calamities like flood, hot sun and storm. The reason of this Dharshan in open terrace without ceiling was once told that he keeps on growing in height wise. The people of Namakkal city submits their problems to him with great belief that he will surely give solutions for them. Not only that, they believe that this Ajneya gives them good sense, health, boldness, fearless, wealth and fine speech. They do abhisekhams for him with holy things like flowers, scented sandal, butter etc. Let the Ajneya's fame spread throughout the world.

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